Spicy Mama joins the Mama Juice Family.

September 04, 2017

Spicy Mama joins the Mama Juice Family.

Say hello to Spicy Mama!

We are adding our new beauty to the Mama Juice family. Introducing, Spicy Mama! 💃🏻 KALE, PARSLEY, CELERY, APPLE, LEMON and JALAPEÑO!! Why Spicy Mama? Spice from the capsicum component in jalapeños can increase your body's efficiency in burning instead of storing calories. The heat your body feels with spicy foods turns up your internal cooling system, which then increases blood flow and nutrient delivery to your skin! Here's Mamas secret weapon for flooding your body with energizing nutrient-dense greens and boosting metabolism, all in one bottle! We aren't kidding when we say Mama Juice Co. is, "Not your average juice!" 🌿🌸



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